At Home Total Body Workout with Wonder Core2 全能塑體健身機

Million Sales Worldwide

We have successfully sold our product to more than 60 countries such as France, US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore,etc.


The most recommended by Taiwan actress, Also known as fitness expert and dancer.

『Ms. Kelly Huang told us the tips of Wonder Core 2 sit up exerciser helps you to build your ideal body!』



This equipment assists in:360 twisting seats, Rowing set provides an all at once full body workout, Ergonomic design supporting your back while exercising

.Abs Stretching

Relaxing the body muscles, and relieving the stress.

.Twist Training

Target your abdominal muscle.





.Back & Biceps

Fully stretch and workout the back muscles.


.Push - up

Effectively train the upper body and arms with push ups.


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