Develop Your Exercise Habit with the 8-Minute Core Workout

We all know the keys to stay in shape are diet and exercise. You need to make sure that your intakes consist of healthy drinks and nutritious food, low in sodium, sugar, and fat. And to boost metabolism, you need to do both cardio exercises and core workouts.

Muscles in our body are the incinerator that actively burns away calories. The more muscles you build, the more calories your body can burn. That’s why building muscles is a necessity to create as well as maintain the body you dream of.

In addition to improving metabolism, core exercises can also enhance your endurance. Core muscles are comprise of;

  1. External Abdominal Oblique
  2. Rectus Abdominis
  3. Internal Abdominal Oblique
  4. Transversus Abdominis
  5. Psoas Major/Lilacs
  6. Erector Spinae


However, core exercises are not simple. If not done correctly, you might risk getting yourself injured. And that’s where Wonder Core 2 comes in. The equipment has been articulately designed to reduce risks of sport accidents and help you tone the muscles you want to focus on, making it a great choice for core exercises. Simply follow these procedures for only 8-10 minutes per day and the body of your dream could become your reality.


How to Use Wonder Core 2

  • Doing sit-ups with Wonder Core 2     3 sets/day       30 minutes/set

Sit-up is a great way to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles; however, beginners may injure their neck or spine if they are not careful. Wonder Core 2 is made with high-quality materials that offer excellent support. Core springs and handles also help limit risk of injuries. So you can do your workout routines free from any worries.

  • Doing push-ups with Wonder Core 2 3 sets/day       20 minutes/set

A lot of people may not realize that push-ups are great for ladies because they use many parts of muscles. Normal push-ups are not only difficult to do, but they are also very exhausting. But with the help of Wonder Core 2, doing push ups is easier than ever. This useful equipment allows you a greater amount of variety in determining your workout intensity and focus areas while reducing pressure on your muscles.

  • Other exercises with Wonder Core 2 3 sets/day       30 minutes/set

Wonder Core 2 comes with a workout DVD instructing and leading you to work on other exercises, from basic postures to difficult routines. Some exercises included in this DVD are squat, bridge, scissor kick, and some to tone up your abdominals and upper arms. You can enjoy a various set of exercises and build your muscles with just one smart machine.


Wonder Core 2 requires very little space as it is foldable and easy to move. Its reasonable price also makes Wonder Core Smart the No.1 fitness equipment that can effectively create firm body and better health.  

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