Wonder Core – A Smart Factor for Fitness Lovers

Wonder Core is a wonderfully effective exercise equipment that is easy to use and guarantees to save you time and money. Wonder Core is a highly-regarded fitness equipment brand in Taiwan and the all-time best-selling model is none other than Wonder Core Smart.

As its name entails, Wonder Core Smart targets your core muscles, including abdominals, waistline, and lower back. This smart equipment will help you get in shape without overexerting yourself, thus it is the perfect choice for beginners as well as people who have had sport injuries.


Who can benefit from Core Workout

  • Runners

Running is a cardio exercise known as the most accessible way to burn calories and boost metabolism. However, this sport might as well burn your muscles away if you forgot to do other types of exercises. Yoga is a recommend as it helps you stay fit and firm, while improving your balance and concentration. Core Workout is also a mandatory. According to researches, runners who consistently do core workouts can run longer and faster over time.

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

Anyone who want to lose weight or stay in shape should start doing Core Workout because your core muscles greatly affect your metabolism rate. The more core muscles you build, the more calories your body can burn, and the less time it takes to get rid of those extra weight. Core Workout and cardio exercise are the best combination to boost metabolism and get in shape.


Wonder Core Smart is compact and portable. You can select from a variety of workout exercises and adjust the resistance level to fit your body. Five basic exercises you can do with Wonder Core Smart are…

  • Sit ups
  • Scissor kicks
  • Bridge
  • Push ups
  • Bicycling

Furthermore, with an addition of the Twist Board, which can be easily placed on Wonder Core Smart, you can enjoy many more Twist training such as…

  • Waist Twisting Exercise
  • Split Kick Waist Twisting Exercise
  • Side Leaning Waist Twisting Exercise

 Get your Wonder Core smart now: https://my.wondercore.com/products/wonder-core-smart

Aside from the popular Smart model, Wonder Core 2 is just as excellent an equipment if not more. The best thing about Wonder Core 2 is its integrated 6-in-1 function. You can work out every muscle of your body from shoulders to abdominals and legs. With this extraordinary equipment, you can do a number of exercises, including;


  • Sit ups – better and safer with high-quality materials that offer excellent support and core spring to adjust the intensity of your exercise.
  • Pulldowns – improving your biceps and forearms.
  • Rowing – pulling the exercise bands as if rowing the boat. Rowing produces similar results as sit ups.
  • Leg lifts – focusing on your abs and lower legs.
  • Twists – tightening your curve, obliques, waistline, and legs.
  • Push-ups – effectively working your upper body.
  • Stretching – the most important part of your exercise session. Full-body Stretching allows your muscles to relax and eliminates tiredness and pressure.


Although Wonder Core 2 is larger in size, it is also larger in function with 6 different exercises to cover every muscle you need to focus on. The equipment is foldable, portable, and very affordable. It helps you keep your body toned and save your time and money going to the gym. Undeniably, Wonder Core is a smart choice for everyone who loves their body.


Get your Wonder Core 2 now: https://my.wondercore.com/products/copy-of-free-exercise-mat-wonder-core-2

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