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Wonder Core Smart fitness equipmen give you a comfortable way of doing exercise and shaping your figure at home. Vest line is no longer unattainable !


Halo ~
Do you still remember last February I grumbled that I ate a lot and had no confindence to weight myself balabala…
However, I am not dilligent enough to go to the Gym.
At first, because of my job I don't have time to go to the Gym.
Secondly, is because I'm not used to go to Gym, so lazy(this should be the main reason though hahahaha )
But in fact, I do want to exercise. I want to have beautiful body line and abs.
((I always admire girls with good body line and muscles that I saw on the Internet))
It's still a long way for me to get those abs and body line,
but at least it motivates me to exercise at home.

To share my experience with you guys『Wonder Core Smart』
I've been used this for a month
I cannot say for sure, but at least people who are not good at exercise can use this
I believe common people (most of us) can use this comfortably
It s very easy to start using it
For beginner or for people who want try exercising like me
This Multifunction fitness equipment has a good value performance
For price ... initially I even cannot believe that it is very cheap!
Originally, I thought that all fitness equipments are expensive~~
『Wonder Core Smart』core function:
(1)focusing on training your lower, central and upper abs
(2)double way resistance to help you do the sit up
(3)suitable for people with different physical condition
(4)while exercising, it can support your back
(5)very light and easy to carry,is foldable so it's easy to store

This is my first time see a small fitness equipment
completely not occupying space, what a great design !!
This is just like having a small gym at home
((In a moment, I will demonstrate this multi function equipment ))
The ingineous spring system increase the resistance during your exercise
But it's also an advantage,because the spring can be used to help you increase and reduce the resistance
Just like me who never worked-out, I don't have strength
With this exercise machine, it can reduce your burden while exercising

Take a look of our product
You don't even have to assemble!!
Actually I'm afraid of the product that need to assemble,very afraid to waste times doing unproper assemble.
It is good that Wonder Core Smart is very considerate

Fold-storage design, after usage you can put it in the box again
Alfter fold its only has 12cm height!!!Isn't this easy to store!!

I think even beginner like
In addition of learning the correct way of doing exercise,
I'm also do not feel bored hahaha
Aside from beginner instruction, it's also including more suitable content for advanced level!!

I will explain it in a more simple way about usage method
Basically, there is only one thing that need to be adjusted
The knops on each side
turn it right to increase the intensity
turn it left to reduce the intensity
very easy and suitable for me hahaha

Currently, I mainly use this for sit-up and push-up
because I want to get a good abs line~
and also spring / summer season = sleeveless blouse season
biceps (arms) line also very important((Having fat in your arms while wearing sleeveless shirt always makes me feel awkward))

The priority for sports clothing are light and comfortable
Next, you can see my a not too professional demonstration
before exercise, I am dilligently finding the correct posture

Here are attached GIF animation file to let you see my exercise process (movement)



Previously, there is a misconception which mentioned that we have to put both of our hands behind our head while doing sit-up,
In fact, you must absolutely avoid this action while doing sit-ups!!
Put your hands above your chest or holding both ears((important!!))
to avoid the external force to your neck.

Starting with push-up to shape your abs((just like me hahaha))
Everytime I do around 10~20 times
It takes time to strengthen your abs
if you force to do 50 times in 1 lap, you will feel pain when you wake up in the next day

With the help of this fitness equipment, you will the resistance force when you push it down.
Your body need to use more strength to push it down,
but at the same time it can also protect your back from damage.



The main area that needs to be trained are biceps, waist and abs.
The most important thing when doing push-up is your elbow location
a 45 degree position of your arms and body, not giving pressure to your chest and elbow.

Originally, I could it push it down but couldn't get up
because I don't have power in my arms (biceps)...
With this『6-in-1 Wonder Core Smart』special spring system,
it can help me to get back up otherwise I am still lying on the floor pitifully …


For arm &

biceps Triceps

This two kinds of sport are very recommended for those who are concerned in their arm lines
((particularly, girls with fat in the arm!!))
Spring and summer beautiful sleeveless shirts have come out
to relieve the burden while wearing it, arm lines become very important

I will do it 10 times each lap
and at least 2 laps.



After doing 1 lap((10 times)), I will feel very tired
Fortunately, this 6-in-1 fitness equipment help me
if not, I've probably give up in not even three attempts


Scissor kicks & Bicycling

Both of these two movements are aiming to stretch and shaping your legs.

In contrast, cross-kicking is a little bit difficult for me

because the way to put strength is not easy for me

are my legs too weak ????



as long as its to shape my lower belly, I paid a special attention to it hahaha
Originally, the one that I need the most is to train my abs line!!
hopefully, even without 6 pack abs, at least I can have the abs line!!!!

Lisa’s lost time:
This is the willpower when using Wonder Core Smart「Multifunction fitness equipment」
I think its very suitable for me who are not used to exercise !
easy to use, easy to store, you can take it out whenever you want to exercise
don't have to go to the Gym anymore
you can do an easy exercise at home,make it a habit and your interest
But I do hope I can maintain this exercising habit
after all, it needs perseverance to get the vest line that I want !



Any cash on delivery

Mar 12, 2018

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