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Wonder Core

Wonder Core 2

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Wonder Core

Twist Board

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Wonder Core has put together some incredible home workout equipment and packages that will help you reach all your fitness goals. The Wonder Core is the machine you need to target your body’s muscles.

Work hard by doing a range of ab exercises at home with the Wonder Core. The Wonder Core Smart is a fantastic machine to adjust into different positions so that you can complete a wide array of ab and core exercises.

Achieve total strength training at home with the Wonder Core Smart and the Wonder Core 2. Cable pulley exercises have never been easier with both machines accommodating these exercises. You will get a total bicep and tricep workout at home with our Wonder Core Collection.

Follow the various instructions and stick to a disciplined routine that targets all the major muscle groups with the Wonder Core as your base. The workout will be comfortable, noise-free and well-supported by the durable construction and design of the Wonder Core. You can also choose to buy the Wonder Core 2 or Wonder Core Smart with any of our other special fitness products or accessories.

Supplement your strength training at home with the Wonder Core Coreband, a resistance band that will challenge you to push and pull further. The Wonder Core Coreband works incredibly well for bicep and tricep workout at home.

Expand your core workout with the Twist Board, which has been specially designed to fit on the Wonder Core Smart and take your ab exercises at home to the next level!

Finally, you can also order the Wonder Core Massage Stick, Wonder Core Exercise Mat, Wonder Core Massage Roller and UV Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeves to add more variety to your workout. Order the Wonder Core Collection today to get the body you want!