wonder core 2, perfect abs, cny promotion, fitness equipment
wonder core 2, perfect abs, cny promotion, fitness equipment wonder core 2 Wonder Core 2 Wonder Core 2 Wonder Core 2 Wonder Core 2 Wonder Core 2
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Wonder Core 2 set a large integrated training in one,exercise your body muscles in your home, beautify your muscles, enhance muscle endurance, core pull rope design makes your exercise more fun!

.Million sales worldwide, burn fats No.1
.Compact waist and thin arm, target your core muscle
.Release your muscle group and create the perfect curve
.360-degree rotation Twister that train your abdominal exercise effectively
.Save space by just fold and keep, work SMART



WONDER CORE 2 - Exercise Machine For Stomach and Abs

Product Features

Muscle exercise for every part of your body.

Home fitness with the combined quality of large gym equipment for easy muscle building. The Wonder Core 2 targets many body parts. As an exercise machine for stomach and abs, the Wonder Core 2 gets your core ready and fighting fit. It is one of the best inexpensive rowing machines that saves you time and space. The Wonder Core 2 is the perfect crunches machine for the home and daily workouts.

Rowing Exercise     Leg Raise Exercise     Muscle Relaxation     Waist Twist Exercise     Belly Reduction     Muscle Power Exercise     Push Up

  • Save on arms and back equipment
  • Increase in performance
  • The best crunches machine for your home
  • So much fun you forget your tiredness
  • Save space



All new design exercise bands that can work out your whole body with effectiveness on the upper body. It will save time and improve the quality of your workout. The Wonder Core 2 is the best inexpensive rowing machine that gets you into shape.

Workout Instructions



Arms stretching behind your back to help build upper back muscle.


Regular grip and pull towards your body to build back and biceps


Reverse grip with stationary elbow to build your biceps.


Forward grip pulling the rope above your head to help build shoulder muscle.

What is rowing exercise (rope pulley exercise)?

The rowing exercise is an easy way to work out every part of your torso. It’s as effective as sit-ups especially back, legs, abdomen muscles while combining all these exercises in one machine.



Waist Twist

Features a built-in 360°twisting seat so you can target your obliques, your legs and tighten your waistline, By adding a tuck to work the lower abs, or do a lower ab press to really tone your stomach.


Muscle Relaxation

Stretch your whole body after workout to help you eliminate your tiredness and pressure and help your muscle relax.


Leg raise and lower abs workout

Ab pushdown helps you burn your abdomen fat while help build your leg line to make it look fit and firm. This is necessary in any exercise machine for stomach and abs.




Three sections adjustable backrest 

The all new adjustable backrest has three different angles, which gives you a greater amount of variety in determining your workout intensity and focus area.

Four levels adjustable leg rest.

Adjustable length for users with different heights

Easily foldable to help save space.



Flexible Rope

Flexible rope that comes with roller wheel design for ease and comfort in pulling. Great for whole body workout. 26lbs. Grey Rope Set

3 Sets Roller Wheel Design

3 Sets of roller wheel design to work with flexible rope for comfortable exercise.

Specially Designed Springs

Spring design that is easily adjustable. For use of people of every age and sex.

Automatic Springback System    Weight Resistance When Lying Down     Provides Aid When Getting Back Up

Leather Cushion

Car-like leather cushion, skid proof, soft, elastic, comfortable.

Durable Steel Skeleton

Highly dense steel skeleton, built to last, durable and gym quality.

Foam Grip

Comfortable grip, anti-skidding, and sweat-absorbent.

Anti-collision Foam

High-density foam from Europe to help support your back and provide safety from knocks.

Sound-proof Springs

High quality, sound-proof spring to provide better work out environment

Anti-Skid Protection

Prevents skidding, scratching, and shocks to any ground surface.




  • I was so surprised when I received my Wonder Core 2, a small exercise equipment but I can do a whole body workout, I'll just need to workout at home and does not have to spend money being a member of a fitness club.
  • For all the fitness equipment, Wonder Core 2 is way much better, more functions and advantage than others. Besides, it provides an incredible 30-minute full body stretch and Wonder Core 2 workout for us to work SMART! You can feel the difference, great!
  • I was looking for an abs machine on sale in the market that met my expectations. The quality of Wonder Core 2 was great! It's stable and no shaking or any problem like others buyer said, the worry is unnecessary. Trust me, it's worth is genuine! 



Passed GS Safety test from Germany
All exercise equipment from Wonder Core has passed safety standards test from a worldwide recognized board of safety in Germany. Testing shows that flexible springs can support weights for more than 100,000 times and is durable for 10 years.

Patents in different countries

Japan    Taiwan     China    Europe



Personal Home Fitness


The best, easy to use home exercise equipment from Taiwan. Sold over 60 countries around the world, with numerous awards and most asked about brand. If you are looking for an abs machine on sale in the market with a great track record, look no further than the Wonder Core 2.

2015-2016 “Best Product” award from fitness equipment fair, Taipei

2016-2017 Recommended by Taiwanese superstar, Amber Kuo