Wonder Core Smart - Pink
Wonder Core Smart - Pink Wonder Core Smart - Pink Wonder Core Smart - Pink Wonder Core Smart - Pink Wonder Core Smart - Pink Wonder Core Smart - Pink
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The WonderCore® Smart is Thane's fantastic fitness product, designed to target your entire core like a laser focusing on your upper middle and lower abs and obliques.

.Dual action resistance for maximum workout
.Perfect for any size, age, and fitness level
.Combines 6 great exercises plus cardio
.Easy-adjust resistance from 24lbs to 48lbs per side
.Compact & portable; easily folds for storage
.Work your arms, legs, core & cardio all at home! 

Wonder Core Smart - Best Abdomen Fat Loss Exercise

Product Features


Extensive Muscle workout.
Stronger and complete fitness system.
Portable and convenient.
Lose belly fat with exercise immediately.
Abdomen fat loss exercise for your home.



How to lose belly fat at home or at your office? Workout equipment with new innovative design for your muscle sculpting. Along with focus on waist, upper, middle, lower abdomen. We believe Wonder Core Smart will introduce you to a hot six pack with health benefits, so you can score two birds with one stone.



  • Certified patents from around the globe
  • Gold medal receiver from Ruten Online Market
  • Best seller on Momo Online Market



3 Features

Core Spring


 1 Feature  Newest innovation

The unique design of hidden interlocking springs & precision dials on each side.

It provides Adjustable Resistance! Delivering an amazing 12kg to 22kg of resistance per side! It’s like having the hands of a personal trainer there to gently help you back up on each & every rep! The abdomen fat loss exercises are even more effective with the Wonder Core Smart!

 2 Feature Specially Designed for exercise assistance

Innovative design on rotating knob.

To increase resistance, rotate knob to the right. To reduce resistance, rotate knob to the left.  

The knobs distinctive design eliminates predetermined resistance levels so that users of all different ages can effortlessly find a resistance level that best fits their workout.

 3 Feature 180 degrees adjustable

Can recline up to 180° to easily spread out your muscle.


Effectiveness and benefits

  • Helps you double your workout in half the time.
  • Reduce the tiredness while working out so you can continuously exercise.
  • Effectively maximizing your oxygen uptake so you can work out for a longer period.
  • Clear calories reduction to make your workout more effective.
  • Post-burning effect to help eliminate your fat even after workout.
  • Lose belly fat at home or at work!


 Innovative product– exercise equipment 8-in-1

Sit-up   Forearm exercise   Upper arm exercise   Bridge Pose   Push ups

 Cycling pose   Leg Kick Exercise   Abs contraction exercise


Adjustable resistance

12kg to 22kg of resistance per side


Easy to store


What is Wonder Core

Wonder Core is one of the few companies from Taiwan that were able to build a design center for products to be shipped out around the world. From 2014, our exercise equipment can be seen in places like France, Germany, USA, Russia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and many more. We became one of the most popular exercise equipment brands and one of the most asked about.


Awards and certifications


2016 Taipei Int’l Sporting Goods Show

2015 Taipei Int’l Sporting Goods Show

2014 Taipei Int’l Sporting Goods Show

Top hit product in Japan with over 3 million items sold.


Train smart & take a long journey

What You'll Get

  • Wonder Core Smart
  • Exercise DVD
  • User manual
  • Exercise and diet Manual